Entrepreneurial Ad(venture)

Photo From Tradeshow EDITLike many other students my age, I felt inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit I saw on ABC’s SharkTank. However, unlike others, I was given the opportunity to bring my entrepreneurial vision into reality with help from the Government of Ontario. My start-up, named Zen & Lotus, is a massage product retailer was devoted to relieving carpal tunnel syndrome and acute body pain through simple-to-use massage devices. Throughout the summer, my entrepreneurial adventure involved over 370 hours of dedication to the City of Markham Summer Company Program and, in the end, I was recognized as Markham’s Business Plan Competition’s finalist. I am forever grateful for the inspiring people I was able to meet along my journey and the experiences this opportunity has provided me.

Notable Accomplishments:ext1
– Exceeded monthly sales goals of $2200 twice in the first two month of operation
– Budgeted and managed $8000+ in government grants, loans, and investments to efficiently fund company operations
– Worked 48 hours every week for the first two months in order to meet demand
– Piloted $99 Facebook campaign, result: 223 referred buyers
– Secured discounts worth 25% of inventory and rent expenses through direct negotiations with foreign exporters in China and local suppliers/landlords


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