Signify Internship

intern in the spotlight

– Weekly Skype calls with Global Product Managers (PMs) based in Signify HQ (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
– Directly managing the full Canadian Hue portfolio of 125 SKUs & ownership of pricing and scanback promos
– Working in tangent with my FG Planner and KAMs to strike balance between the global Philips Hue premium brand strategy, my margin objectives, the KAM’s sales targets and FGP’s optimal inventory levels
– Spearheaded partnerships with Google, Echo, Amazon, Best Buy, The Home Depot, Apple Store and agencies
– Conducted pivot table analysis on POS and sell-in data to solidify business decisions on volume commitments for new or PIPO product introductions. I own the local 6NC data which I monitor using SAP PR4 (I’m SAP trained)

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