2016 – 2018 Design Portfolio

SCLD BecomingYU, PLT Content Designs (feb/18)
BecomingYU Facebook Content Creations and Curation
BecomingYU Advertising, Infographic Mock-ups
Pond Residence Council Design Coordinator Selected Work
PLC ID card designs (new – dec/18)

Various Designs, UX/UI (not pictured)
– Unionville High School – logo
– Nutrio+ (startup) – logo/UI/website
– Zen&Lotus (personal startup) – logo/UI/website (www.zenandlotus.wordpress.com)
– Automic (startup) – logo/UI mockups

Capture3Capture4CaCapture2Capture5CA #3 Skills Gap Infographic (1)doneCoffee House


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